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Nabokov/Old Vic New Voices

Woking closely with the writer, director James Grieve and cast: I contributed to the script development of Mike Bartlett’s play, ‘Artefacts which later had successful season at the Bush Theatre, London.


Working with Director George Perrin and the cast, contributed to the development of the play Terre Haute, the first play by prominent Gay novelist, Edmund White.


Nabokov at the Red Lion

Working with Writer Mike Bartlett and Director James Grieve in an acting capacity, we developed and performed the short play Falling to inform Mikes choices of future script development.


Nabokov at The Edinburgh Festival & Red Lion Theatre

Actor, developing script in role. Successful Edinburgh and London seasons of Writer Van Badam’s new work, Camarilla.


Floodtide, Finborough Theatre London

Working with Director Helen Eastman on the play, The Gabriel’s, written for me by Van Badham, developing role and character, in rehearsal to performance.




New Writing Australia



The Patrick White Playwriting Awards


Script Coordinator& Director

The Young Playwrights Awards


These highly popular and prestigious awards necessitated, selection of finalists and the direction of the play to a moved reading on the day.  Working with carefully chosen and experienced, high profile actors meant that there was a  provision of strong support and understanding of the importance writing, new writing and of a first time writers showing. The job necessitated directing a diverse range of styles and broad range of subjects, this challenging role meant spontaneous reactions, together with clear thinking, were called upon to allow the best possible chance for the audience to appreciate the writing and for the writer to value the collaborative process in playmaking. This role also allowed me to attend many readings of new plays and always enjoy the prospect of discovering new voices.




Blueprints New Writers Project

Working with Writer Emma Veletic and a selected cast of Diverse actors, responding to impuses in the news and creating script through improvisation, workshops, character exploration, this work was moved to performance and with that feedback a play.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]