Film Directing


Find Your Freedom.

In this solo and affecting performance by award winning actor Toyah Willcox, we are witness to the world and anguish of 62-year-old Maureen, as she fights alone on a seashore, for a shard of self-belief.

Surrounded by the beauty of nature, we witness the bravery it can take to move beyond the shame of her eating disorder, body dysmorphia and the voices of past judgement, towards a splash of possibility: that she might finally feel she is ‘enough’.

This award-winning script by Louise Monaghan, is directed by award winning creative Artist Lois Norman (‘Swivel’, ‘She Is Juiced’) and produced by another award winning female creative, Rowena Amos (9ofcupproductions).

 Robert Fripp’s evocative music and the voices of  Sarah O’Toole from Galway, Caroline Barry from Clonakilty and Dubliners Carmel Doyle, Rose Martin and Ivy Martin, all combine, to provide a powerful soundscape to Maureen’s journey.

Lois Norman Best Director
Lois Norman - Weightless - Toyah Willcox

Ready – A Queer micro love story.

Sometimes life gets in the way and you miss each other: and yourself.

Sarah McCourt & Lois Norman star in this Art-house micro love story which allows a space for two queer women in their late 50s: their minds and bodies, not to be ashamed to dream again of love: are you ready?

This film was shot by the actors on iPhone and edited with the director via Zoom!


Two minutes of Love and Life by Jemma Cholawo and Lois Norman

Sometimes it takes the darkness of a disaster, to throw light on the enduring power of love.

A tender two moments of reflection by writer Lois Norman, as she keeps her 95 year Father close and safe at home, during Lockdown. Inside, the ‘feminine’ nurtures, protects and holds the memory of loved ones in our hearts. It reclaims the strength of ‘family’ and the power of Love to sustain us all.

This film came from an experimental group video project which Filmmaker Jemma Cholawo set in motion during Lockdown 2.0, inviting people of all backgrounds and creative abilities to share their personal experience of the pandemic through structured, not-quite-time-lapse videos and a spoken word piece. The result of the project is an audio-visual journey through unique perspectives connected by the shared experience of living in a global pandemic, with contributors from the UK, France and Canada. Lois’ poem ‘Inside’ was the final contribution to the film and she and Jemma have now reworked the piece to create this stand alone short film.


What if, you can be all of who you are and still allow another? That just for one night, judgement no longer exists? What if, an intimacy of touch, a truth of want, Swivels around your doubt and trusts? What if, love is not a gender, it is a swivel of the heart?

Swivel is a short gender fluid dance story by Award winning director Lois Norman, starring the trailblazing UK Dancers, Iron&Sparks. With visceral Cinematography by Teryl Brouillette, powerful Sound Design by Jemma Cholawo and Helen Mountfort’s moving cello score, Swivel is a brave leap of faith, that moves to express the courage it takes, to explore sexuality with true equality, acceptance and compassion.

She is Juiced

She Is Juiced is An Award Winning Documentary, Celebrating the Creative Works of four Inspiring Female Artists: Jo Hay, Ope Lori, Peta Lily & Sarah Jane Moon.

It opens up the worlds, works and creative juices of four powerful and passionate LGBTQIA+ female artists. Filmed with their work, they question and share, how we express all of who we are, and all of who we can dare to be.

From winning art in Madonna’s Artforfreedom awards, Pleasure and online Pornography, crackling word mash-ups of Love and Loss, to Queer Community Portraiture, Jo Hay, Ope Lori, Peta Lily and Sarah Jane Moon work with their sexuality, gender, difference and humour to squeeze the best from life through Art.

Filmed solo by first time feature film maker and creative Artist Lois Norman, this is a sensitive, insightful and dynamic work, which allows space to experience four vital and diverse female creative impulses: both through the eyes of fellow creatives and in their own words.

She Is Juiced had its World Premiere when Lois was invited to screen ‘She Is Juiced’ at Tate Britain in 2017, both as part of Tate’s ground Breaking Exhibition, Queer Britain and to launch London Pride 2017.

“An intellectual, aesthetic work that crosses, and pushes, boundaries.”
Brighton Rocks International Film Festival – 2018

The Shell, an award winning Poetry Film by Lois Norman

Beneath the waves lie submerged truths… She is dressed, yet within water, part woman, partly present and yet…parts missing.

Just for a moment we are let in and bear witness to a hidden world, where a childlike comfort in Mermaids, allow a gentle space, for Adult hard truths.

The Shell won ‘Best Poetic Film’ at the prestigious BAFTA Cymru accredited, Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2019.

Daring to feel again takes a dive into the dark…

The Light tackles the journey of the crippling impact of self-doubt on a woman’s body and mind, lifting us out of our comfort zone and into the dark.

Domestic emotional abuse has told her what she ‘should be’ and she is now trapped in thinking what she is not. She wants to feel again, she wants to feel love with another woman again …can the depth of desire to feel pleasure, hold the key?

Creative Artist Lois Norman and Dancer Bettina Carpi, offer a brave, visceral and authentic work, confronting an often hidden truth that asks to be understood. Using the body as canvas, micro movements as emotional impulses and the voice as both the woman’s internal driver and her block, we are witness to an awakening: into the light.

The Light was a finalist and award Nominee at Wales international Film Festival 2018, a Finalist & Award Nominee for Best Art House film at Brighton Rocks film Festival 2019 and a Semi-Finalist at Motion for Pictures Film Festival 2019.

Drawing on Speech

This was a co-production with Tate Curator and Artist, Michele Fuirer.

Concept, co-direction & Interviewer.

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Tate Modern, May 2014

Starr Auditorium & Clore Screening Room

Tate Britain, May 2015

The Beholder

A Portrait of Ope Lori

Concept & Direction

A window into the creative impulses of British/Nigerian Visual Artist Ope Lori and her work.

Screened at a number of her Exhibitions.